New Volunteer Guide


What are the different ways I can help Bernie Sanders?

1. Join The Phone Banking Team

A. The Bernie Call Tool – help other Bernie supporters become grassroots volunteers.
B. Virtual Phone Bank – call eligible voters in early primary can caucus states.

2. Attend An Event Near You

Please visit to find grassroots activity in your community. Download the Rally app to connect with other people in your area!

3. Host Your Own Event

A. Debate Watch Party – the next Democratic Debate is on December 19!
B. Phone Banking Party – invite your friends to phone bank with you.
C. Honk-For-Bernie – hold signs at busy intersections for oncoming traffic.
D. Neighborhood Canvassing
E. Flyering Downtown – hand out flyers or cards to pedestrians downtown.

4. Write a Letter-To-The-Editor

Are you a writer or an editor? Join the Letters For Bernie project!

5. Register Others To Vote

Remember that you must be registered as a Democrat by February 22, 2016 to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Arizona Presidential “Primary” Election.


Have any other suggestions? Or an event that you want us to advertise? Please email us! We will add it to the calendar.


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