Who Are We?


“Arizona For Sanders” is an online and on-the-ground grassroots community designed to raise awareness about and support for Bernie Sanders within Arizona. Basically, this project is a couple of people who have recruited and organized a bunch of volunteers in a way that helps Bernie Sanders win over the people of Arizona. We have three primary purposes: to help Bernie win the Presidential Preference Election on March 22, 2016; to build a strong, politically progressive grassroots network within Arizona; and to connect you to other talented people who are working hard for our cause.

Bernie Sanders has stated that the only way we will witness real political change is if we wage a “vigorous grassroots campaign” against the current establishment. Each of us must choose to take responsibility for putting our country back on the right path. There has already been a huge growth in nationwide grassroots efforts, which will continue to until Bernie Sanders is elected. Right now, it’s our turn to harness this energy and channel it throughout the state of Arizona. Our goal is is exactly that: to build a strong network in Arizona that will engage people in preserving our country’s growth and stability for years to come.

Right now, many of us – people and organizations – are working to get Bernie in the White House, but it’s not enough to work individually. We must work together. There is power in numbers, and the only way we will recapture our political voice is as a team. Each one of you represents a dot in the Arizona for Bernie Sanders movement. You – your family, your friends, your coworkers – comprise a small set or circle of Arizonans who support Bernie Sanders. We are taking all of these points to create a network. This is a network of ideas, communication, discussion, and action; and it is called “Arizona For Sanders.”

We invite you to become another point in this strong grassroots network; your contributions will only make us stronger. Together, we are going to create and maintain a progressive community that wields power to promote the wellbeing of current society and its successors. We are seeking out people from all walks of life: young, old, male, female, liberal, conservative, straight, gay, white, Latino, or black – it doesn’t matter! If you are a human being who supports Bernie Sanders, and wants to fight for a better future, you belong with us at “Arizona For Sanders.”


This website was built & is maintained by volunteers with no official relation to or association with Bernie Sanders. We’re just regular people, unassociated with any SuperPACs or billionaires.

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